Sneak Peek #3 Dark Spell Factory and Poison Spell

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  1. Hey Jake, perhaps when the earthquake is deployed it does the percent damage and it prevents the defensive building from attacking. The videos aren't clear about what happens when you drop it on an active defensive building. It is still not that great.

  2. The Real game changer is the clan Profanity Filter! Great video jake, huge fan of the channel. Also galadon said that we are underestimating the Earthquake, but clearly from his video it's worthless garbage and I hope it's not our th 9 spell…..

  3. +OneHive Raids Pointing out the obvious, the witches is no longer an option as a CC troop. Everybody has to go dragon now to reduce the poison effect. This makes sense since lvl 5 dragon is also coming up to play :). The two air sweepers are bigger game changer than the dark spells. If properly placed, that you get more that 50% of air sweeper coverage. We will be seeing more ground attacks at this point. :)

  4. Crappiest spell ever . Know how . It takes 1 spell to kill a barb in like 4 sec meanwhile a lighting is 2 so its a time waster

  5. Hey Jake, will some one use lightning spell?

    I think no.

    This spell delete the use of lightning and everyone will have dragon or something tanking in the cc.

    Witches will be unuseful.

    Don't you think so?

  6. Guess there will be more 95%+ 2 stars from now on with 2 new buildings to take care of in 3 minutes lol.

    Also, Jake, a question for Coffee & Clash: Do your TH10s ever try to master hog raids for 3 starring other TH10s (like the ones you showed in "The Red Line vs EWCA" war special episodes), especially if the wars are not close? It would seem like a good idea to practice them, given that Supercell is making air attacks more difficult with each release (with the air sweepers). If they do, how are they progressing with that? I guess it takes picture perfect spell deployment, as the margin for error is so small.

  7. They nerf troops so that attackers can't easily 3 star, then they drop an update like this which in essence makes the attacker stronger again.  I understand why supercell does shit like this so that the top players will stay with the game and the gemmers will buy the gems. "Jumping the shark!"

  8. Arch, wiz witches and minions in cc will not be a wise option.

  9. As a th9 i am not liking this new update what so ever…. If anything it needs to become harder to attack not easier! They constantly give us new troops ( and now spells) which i like but it has to be balanced out with new defences or stronger defences in my opinion, nothing almost pointless like the air sweeper. I hope there's a more defensive sneakpeak coming soon, the new spell might eliminate the reason the reason to bring 212 or a lightning. In theory it could mean 30 more troop space and an extra spell to raid with……..

  10. I swear, supercell is out to get us war players. It's all "Trophy pusher this, trophy pusher that, let's make trophy pushing more fun". For us it's, "We added war after you've all waited for YEARS. Isn't that enough?" Getting really sick of this.

  11. Spell times are reduced i think! The vid shows lightning spells to be 20mins

  12. Wow attackers get such a buff! Not onlt do u get to bring 1 more spell( no lightning) u still get a way to kill cc troops! So at any th level u can bring the normal spell comp and still take out the cc(unless its a dragon, lavahound or other high hp unit)

  13. Lol th10s could bring 11 poison spells

  14. I remember when TH9 was a huge update for coc lol and here we are now 😀

  15. Just drop it on top of the cc before it comes out.

  16. Yay no more cc lure :)

  17. This is a much needed update. its really going to freshen things up. Prepare for the return of dragons in the war cc.

  18. I've been waiting for dark spells!!!

  19. If the earthquake spell really does uncover traps, wont that make hogs on clean up attacks overpowered because you can place the spell on a dbb that you have seen the placement of in an earlier replay?

  20. This poison will substitute lightning .. So you can bring one
    More freeze/rage in th10 golaloons .. That sounds op lol