Sneak Peek #5 Haste Spell

My thoughts on the haste spell and this sneak peek. Hope you guys enjoy. Join me on Bindle! #OneHiveRaids Follow me on …


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  1. Supposedly the Haste can also work on enemy troops, so cc will come out faster. Heard that for the first time in Spncer23$ new video :)

  2. Do you know if the speed will stack if you drop say a rage in the center snd then a haste on top of it?

  3. Nice vid again :)

  4. hastes mah new fav spell after rage!

  5. Powerbang pretty faster than u to be honest.

  6. The update is out, are you gonna do a full update review.
    Also are you gonna gem anything new, a few people in my clan have.

  7. you best believe ill suck less with this haste spell

  8. Hopefully you see this I wanted to know how you guys find clans to match with my clan is getting more serious about war we suck at attacking anti 3 bases but we don't see enough I want to get us matchups but I don't know how please help? Thanks for reading love the vids!

  9. So much better than rage! And more useful in my opinion :)

  10. Hi jake, do you think Dragloon could appear to TH9 if the level 4 dragon comes for war raiding? You could have 12 or so balloons under haste and take out 2 air defense if easily pathed to, then use 3 lightnings on another AD. This leaves you with 1/9 spells remaining and you can use a haste or poison with your 6 or 7 dragons to attack just 1 AD and whatever remains in the base. I think if this happens i may be trying to use that…

  11. I am so excited to use this spell. 

  12. Mass loons mass hastes? Lol

  13. so the haste only increases troop movement speed, not their attack speed as well?

  14. hey Jake, will the haste spell have a carry over affect like the rage and jump. As in troops get the benefit after just leaving the spells radius?

  15. Given that there are 3 levels to the dark factory I'm guessing that the 3rd level will be at th10. And assuming that the sneak peaks for the spells are released in order of their unlock, haste spell won't be available at th9

  16. Will the haste spell increase attack speed as well as movement speed or just movement speed?

  17. I would love to see a matchup between you guys and TEAM Y.O.L.O.! That would be super epic, am I right? Just a thought 🙂 really excited for that arranged matchup for Thursday! Can't really even guess what the matchup is gonna be… Lol

  18. With the haste spell does it only increase the movement speed of ur troops? Once ur bloon is over a defensive structure it takes 2 seconds for it to drop its bomb (example) would it shorten the time that it takes to pull at its bomb and drop it. Like a rapid fire attachment on ur gun if you play FPS shooters. Just increasing the fire rate.

  19. Instead of high hitpoint troops in the clan castles, i think it would also be worthwhile to have a plethora of troops of varying speed to make them hard to bunch up.. then again, the poison spell radius is quite large so.. i dont know

  20. Awesome Vid, i can't wait to try it out :D