STOP THAT UPGRADE Until You Watch This! Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 UPDATE

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  1. Why your xp is 68?

  2. How to get gems

  3. I am stuck in th10

  4. what the heck you don't even updated troops and you have not unlocked builder base.

  5. I can't believe that you not unlocked builder base

  6. How can i get the developer built game.

  7. He luser

  8. Galadon, Supercell should add more time when attcking war..cause building & dfend are getting more n more..but time to attck still same 3minutes… it's not fair

  9. How are you level 81 as maxed th12

  10. No troffy why

  11. Which game is you playing

  12. lvl 80?? RK

  13. Goin my clan it call tommy the boss

  14. Why do you have a 12m in storage? Your still th11?? How come

  15. Mind blown

  16. I have a new private server with this update

  17. I wonder to avoid seige machines some might have the th outside again lol

  18. Can someone help me out with my COC…ever since I updated I haven't been able to play it immediately tells me "connection error, check intenet connection " please help

  19. Share this as much as you can

  20. If My favourite troop E-Dragon is getting a nerf you Supercell' family get to be blame! 🙁

  21. Already know 1 dislike 😉