STRONGEST TOWN HALL 12 ATTACK STRATEGY | TH12 LavaLoon 3 Star Attacks | Clash of Clans

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  1. What did you think of my crazy attack?

  2. Cool

  3. You need to make a video on taking out that X base with the 4 separate compartments at th12. That base has been giving us a little trouble.

  4. No entendΓ­ nada pero buenos ataques :v xd

  5. Nice gessss

  6. Alright , thanks !
    What about no.6 base ?

  7. Hello judo sloth 😊
    Nice attacks !
    Good try at no.6
    Do you think no.6 base can do good and what is your opinion against it ?
    Worth to try it πŸ€”
    And you think lt is better to set both of my inferno's at single or 1 single and the other 1 at multiple ?
    Thanks !

  8. can u try 3 clone spells with lava loon..please thank you.

  9. Damn i respect you for that atack, nice try man

  10. Lava hounds only target ground troops. The baby dragon didn't lure them out

  11. Judo bro i was wondering,what happens when we upgrade our laboratory when a troop is still upgrading ? plz make a video on it….πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  12. Grate vid judo once again. πŸ‘ your attack sound alright but didn’t really go to plan. Good attempt oh ☺️

  13. Nice

  14. Sweet idea, maybe you should have dropped a freeze with the skels spell. Would have been a epic three star. Might try that with my TH12 to see what it acutely takes to during a single target inferno down. Yet again another great vid πŸ‘. Judo when are you going to stream live?

  15. Nice vids! I am th 10 nearly maxed out and i learned many nice strategies from your Channel! Sadly there is no th 12 in our clan so we dont have the siege machine. …

  16. Nice

  17. nice work judo love u support from india

  18. awesome video bud!

  19. Was DJ ever in Red Elite before Elite Gaming?

  20. The fact that loons with their high damage now target the town hall has kinda guaranteed 2 stars for lava loon attacks in th 12…But then again yeah that same giga tesla sure is a menace that can easily become the reason why you lose the 3rd star.
    Love your vids judosloth 😁

  21. its good that ya show fails as well as wins ya learn more from fails

  22. Always 15-45 mins late fr the past last videos

  23. Joss Attack doss

  24. Hi

  25. love you

  26. wah mera cheeta goodπŸ’žπŸ’ž