SUPER PEKKA vs ALL DEFENCES in “Clash of Clans” – New Update [2018] – New Troop Attacks in CoC!

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  1. Forgot the double cannon, still love you though! ?

  2. very nice video

  3. more liker super PekkeRs

  4. nice

  5. can i come in your clan
    my tag is pg2898vuq

  6. hi judo sloth bro

  7. Hlo bro i need a good clan for clan games i m in th9 please can u find me a good clan

  8. I can’t update my CoC why? It says update then it says open and it repeats

  9. Super pekka is op!!!

  10. Nice vid

  11. Go little pekka go!

  12. Nice video! Subscribed, lol

  13. Finally the update is here ??☺☺love the video bud ??

  14. 2 Camps of Mega Pekka, 2 Camps of Night Witches, 2 Camps of minions or drop ships… IDK if it will work but seems like a funn strategy

  15. New OP defenses are great but I can see a lot of 3 stars happening… All we had to tank before was the battle nachine or giants but they didnt do great, these pekka are gonna be awesome!

  16. Interesting… Great strategies can come from this troop?

  17. She is also playing

  18. My mom like pekka

  19. super super super pekka

  20. good video bro

  21. Nice video judo! Pumped me up for sure! Always quality content…I love how u say super pekka with your accent though ?

  22. " the supa pekker" judo-2018

  23. Bro which is the best army for bb6

  24. Awesome

  25. Please make some video of bh7 best attacks or th10 trophy troops. Lots of Love from one of your Indian fans! 🙂

  26. nice

  27. Aww fiddle sticks! My play store won't update my game, well I'll just have to update it tomorrow morning. Great Content again <3

  28. U did well showing how the super pekka work, salute brother

  29. Nice bro

  30. <3

  31. Keep on bringing this content It's amazing you are the only one to bring those little interactions until moe

  32. wow man
    that's awesome

  33. I think u r official youtuber of supercell

  34. when is udate

  35. thx judo for this video. Im super hyped for the update specially on the main village and the maintenance is already starting now hyped!!

  36. Sorry.. I'm late

  37. Well .. strong troops ever in builder Base

  38. The update is there!
    Edit : you are the best youtuber!

  39. Waah kya damage hai

  40. This time I am here bro …Love you ???

  41. 2nd

  42. Osm multicharge ability