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  1. i love your reaction and laugh every time you say….YEA BABYYYY!!! WE GOT INNN!!!!…

  2. haha I tried tapping war map at the end of the video!

  3. i love this video PowerBang……..share some other videos of last minute attacks….seriously speaking….learned a lot about CLASH…from you….thank you :)

  4. I want u to do episodes like this again. please sir! ??

  5. Nice. This was must see tv……or YouTube

  6. Love the live feed man! Good vibes for WHF, waiting for my heros to get up there to join, almost max th 10 for defenses

  7. Great video PB. Love the format homie.

  8. more vid like this :)

  9. Your best video ever.

  10. Just subscribed!

  11. Please do more of these!!

  12. Intense

  13. Great vid, PB. I was on the edge of my seat.

  14. awesome video man!!!! really like this format of videos, you getting hyped got me hyped lol

  15. 100% / 40 members = 2.5% for each three stars. You had it won before that last attack. NERD

  16. Is it a UK Or US Clan your facing PB cos I think I was part of it when it was a lvl8 clan

  17. heck, I was even nervous

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  19. Good Stuff!

  20. Such an epic ending! Cottons stream was lit! Great video PB

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  24. balloon no ???

  25. epic..that's what wars are all about ?

  26. top man great video!! well done WHF. respect to all for the war effort. #clashon

  27. That was awesome! Most excitement I've felt for Clash of Clans ever!

  28. good shit, pb.

  29. I would love to see more videos like this, I like watching an intense end to war and live attacks, keep making videos like this plz

  30. RT on that title

  31. Love these style of videos. Keep it up ??

  32. What kind of defensive CC is that, hound and loon stuff against air meta? LOL. I thought this was suppose to be top war clan league or something. I can steamroll max th11s with hounds

  33. I think you guys are scared of 'em,lol

  34. PB you are such a good commentator

  35. If China clans join this,they will beat your ass all easily

  36. yep….wud like to see more episodes like this one


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