Supercell Talks About TH11 Update | Too Much Hype & No Date Announced | Clash of Clans Update

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  1. I'm relying on your clash news cuz I'm too lazy to watch the livestream

  2. plus I wonder with a new th do we get stronger walls?

  3. can't wait to see how fast some ppl have the new updates maxed out

  4. Awesome vid with lots of info, thx captain.


  6. What is your intro song

  7. Argh not this week?! The suspense!

  8. I hope theres something new for th9!

  9. We need stuff for lower THs!(5-8)

  10. Me and all my friends and clan mates predict the update is November 13th

  11. #WeWantAReleaseDate

  12. Wish there was release date.

  13. Nice

  14. Hey bro! thats awesome! new sneak peek soon!! i wish we wil get an update for th7 and th8 becase honeslty me and my clan are upset because there is only a th11 update :)

  15. Great info video!

  16. like

    capitão se puder um dia me dar algumas dicas para o meu canal ficaria agradecido.

  17. Gotta love watching clashcon live