TAUNTS in Clash of Clans Builder Base? 2017 Update Concept- GOOD or TERRIBLE?

  1. Like if you're watching in 2024.

  2. The builder's base is a pain already. Dont make it worse. I dont even get why you seem to care about it so much. I mean you are maxed, you got the gems for 3000 trophies, why even still play it-I would be glad to not have to bother with it any longer and would not miss it if it was removed from the game.

  3. Stupid idea

  4. Never plss. Is coc not clash royal

  5. If I can have an Archer Queen statue in my main base, then sure.

  6. This should happen.the idea is good

  7. Taunts sucks…

  8. There should be a 10 second delay for each taunt and a mute button so they wouldn't be annoying! They should also nerf archer cloak and the beta minion spam ! Make the cloak tower 50% longer duration!

  9. Galadon come with a new clan family. Have 5 clans pushing, farming, war etc.. Create it we are there for u. Like if u need it guys

  10. GOOD

  11. First thing I do in a clash royal duel is I mute my opponent. Obviously I will stop playing the builder base if they add taunts but delay the mute button.

  12. Good idea! I have think that same thing by my self for past month. Mute button would be important but on my case I would like to give a taunts while waiting that enemys troops finish their attack on my village. For bringing taunts to builers village many players would play their games faster and then we should not be waiting so long that enemy finishes. I agree, taunts to COC! You made video of my thoughts ? Keep up the good work !

  13. If they add anything to the builder base it should be an opponent percentage destroyed and stars in the top left of the screen during the battle. I hate wasting my clock tower on attacks that could have been won halfway through the raid if I had known.

  14. If this god damn shit happens i wont download any supercell games again hence why i dont play garbage ass royale

  15. Hey Galadon, I just made a "Top Clash YouTubers" vid and obviously had to feature you in 😉 thought Itd be cool if you dropped a comment on the video 🙂

  16. I truly hate the idea of adding taunts. I will not play the other game solely because of those taunts. And if supercell were to add taunts to COC, I would have to think about leaving it as well.

  17. just limit the taunts like you once did in freginn clash royale!!!

  18. hey bros i got a plan
    keep the cc and arch Queen nearby and fill the cc with healers and show us some defencive replays
    those who want to see this plzz like the comment

  19. Hey Galadon …big fan of your videos…….I was thinking will we get a friendly challenge in builder base side…..?

  20. No. Not a single taunt please

  21. I like that guy in the background.

  22. TERRIBLE idea Gally

  23. Circumstance brain low superior ill organize unable resign capable

  24. Capable living fine new transition Canadian comprehensive

  25. Madarchod galadon

  26. this should happen

  27. pls help me reach 1M suns

  28. Good for u. U got good internet connection. Me. 300kb/second. Takes 4 seconds to watch/leave A live match.

  29. they din't call you for kings cup 2

  30. Concept terrible

  31. plz Mara account KO Chlo Kara DA plz

  32. galadon plz help my account is banned in coc

  33. No taunts

  34. Just leave and re enter to communicate through Morse code

  35. i don't like the taunting to come to coc i don't like them clash royal and i don't wont them in coc


  37. As long as there is a middle finger taunt

  38. As long as there is a middle finger taunt

  39. Galadon your biggst fan

  40. Feel like this should never ever come to the game ever. Under no circumstance should taunts/emotes from clash royale ever come to clash of clans because if they did the number of broken devices would go up by 9999999999999999999999999999999% (just exaggerating but you should get my point)

  41. I love your Concept 🙂

  42. No taunts!

  43. This should never happen I hate taunts and royale because of the jerks who are using them

  44. No… If I wanted taunts, I'd go back to playing to Clash Royale.

  45. I think it could be a good idea. Supercell has their way of making otherwise bad ideas work.

  46. Waste of time, effort, money, everything. And I don't even notice the eye most of the time

  47. Senpai!