TH 7 – Best 3 Star Clan Wars Attack (Cheaper than Dragons)

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  1. Hello cam keep up the good vids please reply don’t hate please ?

  2. If someone has a drag in their clan castle, what do you do?

  3. Hey cam. I was wondering, what do you use to record? Great video as always

  4. Thanks so much I get 6 stars every war because of this vid it helped a lot

  5. So because of this video PPL CAN FUCKING 3 STAR MY BASE IN FUCKING SECONDS!

  6. Hey are rage spells absolutely necessary? Thanks

  7. Will this work on clan wars? I doubt it..

  8. This attack is amazing, when I was a mid th7 I 2 starred a strong th8 with
    one gob in my cc (My cousin is a jerk)

  9. What about the 25 million years needed to train this many wizards?

  10. Didn’t work for me…
    The giants got killed easily even with heal and the wizards were running
    around like they wouldn’t know how to attack…

  11. How come there are 1,000,000 Views when there are only 3,000,000 PEOPLE IN

  12. I’ve been flipping on ppl in my clan using this in war. They never get more
    than 1 star. But. I on my th7 account use 8 drags 8 loons max loons cc 3
    heal or 6 drags and 16 loons with max loons cc and the 3 light. I am sure
    if u wanted to bother luring cc u could even use 4 drags and add some
    minions and archers.

  13. I’m a th7 about to be th8 in crystal 2 and I tried this attack and all I
    got was a 1 star

  14. Best attack by far is 3 drag+60 minion+clan castle drag lev 3 higher+3 rage
    spells=Easy three star for th7 and below :)

  15. what army should i do with 180 space

  16. you are norbit his an idiott

  17. You picked the worst bases as examples 

  18. My attack strategy is to use all healers plus a few wallbreakers, now I
    know your going to say why the heck do u need wallbreakers when they can
    fly? Well the wallbreakers will do the damage to the base and the healers
    will heal the wallbreakers brain to make the wallbreakers not suicide bomb,
    I also use healing spells to heal my healers

  19. There are CC troops in every war you waste half your troops taking out a
    dragon with this attack, no where near as strong as dragons.

  20. And I am a th7

  21. but there is a RISK in this one. getting all the GIANTS flying away with
    spring traps and gonna piss you off. in CW there will be lot of traps not
    like this kind of farming bases.

  22. Most of the wallbreakers are wasted…………

  23. Barch is better war attack 

  24. Barch attack was enough to get that loot on ur first attack xD

  25. This is the exact attack I do but with a healer