TH10 LaLoon EASY 3 STAR Base | Th10 vs Th11 | War Attack Guide | Clash of Clans

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  1. you make air attack so simple, thanks

  2. Thanks for the TH10 bro, really useful <3

  3. really enjoy your th10 videos. trying to get better at loons and you're the guy to watch for that

  4. Can we get some with maxed defenses. It's easy to 3 10s with th9 defenses.

  5. Miner video coming up next? man those are so boring to watch, basically, just trim the trash ring with both heroes and drop your trillion miners, bring a shit ton of heals and a rage and your'e set.

  6. more attacks th10!!!!!!!!very helpful for me watched entire video man

  7. More th10s attack please

  8. man, you are legend in LaLoon.

  9. Good stuff. Thanks for rocking some more TH10 content! Dont ask questions, hit it with air!

  10. First comment. Thanks for the laloon videos.