TH10 SIX PACK!! 3 Star Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans – Elite Gaming CWL CoC War 2017

  1. Nice video???

  2. Can you tell me how to do that lavaloon attack
    I find your tutorials more helpful.

  3. Very nice attacks. My favourite attack is lavaloon. This attack is very powerful. I almost get 3 stars ?.

  4. Excellent stuff man really loved it i every day watch your video and learn form them they are adorable and so do your commentary explanation makes it more perfect …..thanks man keep it up✌?

  5. I bet in the last attack he accidently deployed those cc hogs thinking there were bowlers in the cc ?

  6. Can we do witch slap with level 1 witch?

  7. Awesome video????

  8. 2nd comment

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  10. i m 1st to comment