Th10 World Record Holder King Z – Th10 vs Th11 Dragon Attack Strategy – Clash of Clans

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  2. Hi Ed thank you for yout video that help me too much , mmm.. can i join to your clan ? i have TH11 full MAX and i want to training on the air attack

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  10. exelent, saludos desde Nicaragua, more powerful of th10

  11. Ed, my man, can you also release a th11 patreon-only content? I'm a full th11 chillin in titan2 and I was wondering if it worths paying for patreon. I was scared because you said in some videos about patreon is mostly for heavy gemmers, and I'm only a heavy farmer (half way to walls 11)

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  16. Hey Ed, in your opinion what is the best attacker in the world? On the ground and the air

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  18. Hey Ed bro i want more his videos i love th9 and th10 attacks:)



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  22. some th 9 attacks vs th 11 would be interesting for me

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  29. Love your content as always.

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