TH11 3 Star Attack – NEW CLONE SPELL! | TH11 Clone Spell Attack | TH11 3 Star Lavaloon | COC Update

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  1. Again this video might feel slow but I wanted you to learn that hogs won't work on some bases, that laloon works on certain th11 bases. So you get to see fails, and us discussing a plan to take the base down.

  2. I think somones going to bring an amazing 3 star strategy with the new buff to the clone, only a matter of time now.

  3. Great stuff as usual bro! Just got my main account to t11, so looking for th11 attack vids including basics such as where best to drop GW; should I be looking at 2 stars on 11s or is a 3 star still reasonable? Any possibilities of queen walk anymore? I'll be pouring over your past vids of course but appreciate that you realize most of us are not elite, warring in fairly regular joe-average clans. Thanks bud!