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  1. Should i upgrade my valks or hog riders….i dont know whats better for farminggo,d and elixir

  2. a rushed th11 I know but still lol

  3. powerbang.. I just put a vid on for u.. it's called (For pb….)

  4. Worth noting the laloon on #5 was fresh! Awesome attacks Omar

  5. hey pb love your war tips I hope you don't mind I'm in need of members in my clan th 8 thru 10 I recently recovered my th 10 account and it is in bad shape so I need lots of friendly challenges and non hater members clan is currently set to anyone I will be on Tue Aug 23 I'm a nolife Clasher and don't care lol my kids are grown I'm retired so I love playing clash but need some members that aren't whiners lol also just to put it out there I dropped this on ash an gal as well qwik sand traps or spell for a mass attack balancer check out ash an gal for full details and if anyone interested devils rejects #YQULLURU thanks banger I have been focusing my attention to you ash gal and beaks lately although judo I am very cool with as well I hope to get members off of your guys followers as you guys have a more adult genre of clashers thanks bud cap out ;)

  6. Powerbang you have helped my clan so much! I used to be the only one doing 3 star strategies and then I introduced the rest of my clan to your videos and we are winning so many more wars! Thanks for making your content easy to understand!

  7. Great video as always PB. Truly inspiring us smaller channels every single day so thank you!

  8. What level queen would u recommend to start the queen walks? Th10 wise

  9. should i go th7.5 from max th7 ?? pls answer

  10. Nice Hits Omar (⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

  11. WHF IS BEST CLAN ?? i wish my clan like that. ?

  12. The problem with those defenses is that they can be defeated in detail by concentrating attacking power at a particular point. What is interesting is that a AQ walk with miners doesn't use much DE.

  13. Lol u had Megan Mo Money$ as the number one against you

  14. Good Video Powerbang have you seen sin of dusk guide to rush? 🙂 its a great guide on supercell forum!

  15. Wow nice attack

  16. max heroes? whom is this going to help? … only people with maxed heroes … 0,001%

  17. Awesome as always PB!!!!keep it up man!

  18. really like ur videos pb jus found u not long ago and have learned a few good tricks already keep up the quality work buddy

  19. lmao is this the WW recap since yall got rekt twice

  20. Are you doing the GiveUsArrangedWars?

  21. I just read your description about the donations and happy wife happy life 🙂 laughing my butt off you are awesome man and one of my favorite youtubers thank you for the great vids!! 🙂 keep up the good work!! 🙂 thanks again :)

  22. Hey PB, I don't know if you've posted a video about this but its something I've always wondered: What does your clan name WHF mean?

  23. I want everybody to pause the video at 0:00 and look into pb's eyes. My video buffered immediately, and he was creeping me out lol

  24. how come warden was going in with loons not hitting other buildings ?

  25. PB continue doing clash of clans videos love your videos bro

  26. r u streaming tonight?

  27. sarcasm had me cracking

  28. So laloon th11 fair play isn't dead eh?

  29. 1 view 39 likes seems legit.

  30. love u pb once again it's me commenting still hoping you'll notice me

  31. powerbang or somebody in WHF: I have multiple accounts that are monsters in war and would like to try WHF out to decide whether or not I want to continue leading my clan or joining an "elite" clan with more competitive players. My question is which account am I more likely to get into WHF- a th10 with 36/40 royals, max offense, mid level defenses, and 35 or so level 11 walls OR my completely maxed th9? I'm stronger with my 10 and can regularly triple th10's, but somebody let me know what you guys are looking for.

  32. #good2rush

  33. LOL that first 2 frames of the video!

  34. Yes! early crew! ok so i'm gonna tell a joke.
    what did the buffalo dad say to his buffalo son when he was leaving? Bison
    Tell me your jokes below!

  35. PB I'm addicted to your content. Love all the vids, thanks for always putting out solid content!

  36. 5th!

  37. last

  38. Yes it is

  39. Hey nobody cares about first haha love the vids man

  40. first