TH11 Anti 2 Star Trophy Base | Th11 Hybrid base Layout | COC Best Th11 Base 2017 | Clash Of Clans

  1. this is not hybird base this is trophy base

  2. Bro can you do a lever 6 base pls I need a good base

  3. Good luck ?

  4. If only I was th11 I am th8?

  5. ขอ th10 legend leave

  6. bro can you make 1 anti lava hound war base plz ??

  7. New subscriber here! ??

  8. you make me want to o to th11

  9. ??

  10. Thank you. Keep it up. Nice design and looks great base. Your channel will grown very fast if you bring more variety. Bring some war attacks, different attack strategies. Very a great day.

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  12. hi

  13. 1st