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  1. hey PB plss Do a Vidieo Of Th 10 attacks(Golaloon plss ) and in th 9

  2. powerbang = tommy c???

  3. 30likes= no school on Mondays
    10 subscribers= you will meet your favourite person in the world
    20 subscribers= you will be famous one day.

  4. pb i really dont know lol coz i cant even find my socks ;/

  5. is that an indian flag 5.06

  6. we find u by ur player tag

  7. thumbs up for the like button ! 15:45

  8. nice attacks Power bang. u r back with a Bang

  9. pb dont feel bad. I haven't done anything for my clan since our friendly war.

  10. Considering the angle of Air Sweeper and the lone Cannon at the south, it was probably better to approach the base from the east.. Good try PB, good try.

  11. big loser

  12. loser

  13. Powerbang come on we need some low TH strategies

  14. bang*

  15. hey band, need some support for my clan . it's in pretty bad condition,
    here is my clan I'd , hope you'll support

  16. Can someone tell me what app you use to tape your screen on iPhone

  17. hey man i've been watching your content for a couple of months now and i would love to know if WHF can give th8s a chance of joining the group and having some fun with all the others….
    peace bro…

  18. That Same guy keeps trying to join rising

  19. 3^

  20. Nice videos:) please bring th8 videos

  21. thanks to YouTube n ur channel with great content, that's how people find you PB??

  22. they have seen ur player tag….and sesrch and it shows ur clan!!!

  23. come in TGF man, i m waiting lol

  24. huge fan of urs

  25. a lil early on poison spell as well.. nice try bro.. ???

  26. Jesus I don't miss this game at all. I hit war hero/1000 stars 2.5 months ago and haven't opened app again. 8:50 if you wanna skip the BS

  27. Why Iranians can't play coc?

  28. Illegal to play Clash in IRAN???!! Wth?!?!

  29. PB u changed it clan?

  30. we miss you pb

  31. So they wrote down my Player ID… I SEE CLEARLY NOW. Thanks for telling me your secrets!

  32. I think people saved your account tag and stalk you with players search.

  33. how to find u….. use ur # on new social tab u can search for players now lol thats how they find u

  34. Player tag?

  35. we find u BC on or profile u have a code so if we remember it and type it on social we can find u

  36. hlw pb i m ur super fan <3 u

  37. Powerbang you can click on the tag of someone and save it somewhere so you can search for his base from the search tab anytime you wish

  38. hello powerbang
    I am iranian and I want to say that clash of clan is not banned in Iran anymore.
    but you are right, about 1 month ago the government wanted to banned but iranian player went to the minister's instagram to protest about what happened .
    and after that it was not banned anymore and it's not necessary to use proxy to connect.
    thank powerbang about the video
    have a good day and also president

  39. i love live attacks

  40. Unsatisfying attacks, don't play at night, when you're tired you can't control your mind and that's taking more riskes

  41. poor stuff with your poison spell. should have been concentrated towards taking down cc troops

  42. Now that God Emperor Trump is in charge Mexico can pay for your max level walls PB

  43. PowerBang derp xD
    People probably just wrote down your player # xD