1. probably better vedio than general tony love it thank u

  2. Oncer

  3. Add me in your clan wars plz

  4. Love you pb awesome video thanks bro

  5. Good video powerbang

  6. Awesome replays.

  7. I always knew you had a coc channel but I didn't know that you have so quality war content! YOU HAVE A NEW SUBSCRIBER

  8. The bad thing for me is that as a upgrade my heroes back to back I rarely have them both in wars especially the queen. So I can't get 3 stars on equal bases!

  9. Great vid as always, PB. But I must say I liked your older videos when you weren't overly enthusiastic throughout the entire video. It's like I'm listening to a bad morning radio talk show. Bring it back down to earth. Either way, keep up the great content

  10. How can one join your clan? Th11 id number PPOOVOU2.

  11. Awesome war..n i love to do surgical laloon bt u are guys bst about spam laloon uts awesome

  12. PB when are you doing a WHF War Live Stream Next? I loved them all! Fireball!

  13. 398% ??SUPERB?

  14. PB can you do a recap of the meta for th 11 base building please

  15. My friend and I always argue which is better spam or surgical. Thx happy new year

  16. i always do laloon attack on th 11, and 70% times i 3 star that base

  17. Close six pack!!!

  18. Powerbang a few youtubers are saying coc is dying can you do a vlog on it and tell us what you think?? It will be 5 years down the drain for a lot of us if supercell is done!!

  19. 398%! Don't forget the SPELL FACTORY!! LOL. Good stuff PB!

  20. Nice vid. It's worth noting that all 3 of the th11 3 stars were not affected by the changes to the inferno towers. Also, I like how you put the arrows on the th10 attack you showed. I think a lot of people would appreciate a more detailed breakdown and explanation

  21. Thanks for the follow up! Loved it!

  22. damn impressive raids! infernos just don't mean what they did

  23. I wish youtubers would show attacks for players without maxed heros….

  24. Power any Can ya upgrade ya walls

  25. Always love your videos

  26. Do you accept th8's

  27. Heros and penetration doesn't sound good together lol

  28. Just put baby down for nap now time to check out my boy pbs content!

  29. You should deserve more views ???

  30. My dresm is to play a war with whf ? hope i'll

  31. I think spam since infernos suck

  32. Th9 three stars please!!!!

  33. Random question PB.. when someone sponsors you do they get charged thro their cell bill or pay pal or something else?

  34. Surgical is hard a little bit and i fail when i want to attack surgicaly

  35. I loved this one – royals at 47 and otherwise maxed, so it’s nice to see the best way to three at TH11. I’ll take as many of these as you want to create.

  36. Powerbang I think you are the best coc youtuber better than general Tony. You and your clanmates have some serious coc raiding skills. Love from India 🙂

  37. Very good video. Amazing th11 attacks

  38. Loved it again. Can't help myself. Damn!!!. Why your every vid has to be awesome.

  39. Does the inferno no longer cancel the healing effects from spell, healers? Haven’t played for so long

  40. What time u guys start war plzzz reply me!!!!!

  41. To OP

  42. Good video PB keep it up ??

  43. nce bro


  45. You’ve been putting out great content post update. Keep it up

  46. Whoop whoop whf looking good

  47. 398%.. Lex is a definite hero for sure ? loved the follow up vid, can't not be impressed by all the whf guys n gals, showcased by the legend pb… What more can us clashers ask for huh lol