TH11 War/Trophy Base Speed Build | Anti-2 Star Base! – Clash of Clans

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  1. Ash, nice base man! Didnt know you were the original creator/designer. Someone put it on a reddit design post about a week ago. Definitely wasnt the intent for me to receive credit for it on Ashlains channel for "designing" it. He was pointing out that its a great base. Apologize for the mixup!

  2. I like this base…. got attacked quite a few times already. People tend to come in from due south,; however, I swapped a a few of the storage's (in the southern compartment) for those barricks…. it's working quite well as a hybrid…

  3. Here's my problem with this base as a trophy base (after a couple of defensive tries up in legends) – i had a 28% 1 star. No 30%, no shield. Good for war but absolutely knackers me in trophy push because I still have to defend again

  4. Hey Ash. Just wanted to give you a heads up that Clash with Ash is featuring daybreaker in his latest video for th11 war bases! Good stuff!

  5. Currently using this base for war. Will update with results! 😀 Thanks!

  6. Ash, i am th10, can you post new farming strategy for th10, tq :-)

  7. Going to try and trophy push on defense tonight with this base. Subscribed to ur channel couple of weeks ago and have loved ur content. Dont know why u dont have more subscribers lol.

  8. Trying this base out in our next war. I will update with results

  9. Any replays yet? Looking forward to trying it.