“TH12 is NEVER COMING to CoC” | Clash of Clans “New Town Hall Content” Major Update Talk

Town hall 12 may not ever actually be coming to clash of clans. Darian, the clash of clans community manager has spoken about this topic many times and as much as we (the community) have thought…


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  1. حلو

  2. If they don't do town hall 12 I think they will do water troops

  3. You stupid idiot. TH 12 is dropping Summer Solstice. TH 11 dropped on Winter Solstice 2 yrs ago. SuperCell is actually PREPPING us for TH 12 with all these new Spring Resource packs that are available to purchase 10 times each. Common sense prevails retard.

  4. in the thumbnail i thought th12 was this

  5. Billet story

  6. why not combined TH 2 and 3 and after that th 3 will be 2 and 4 will 3 vice versa . so new players don't think that they have to go to so many levels

  7. "Never" is such a harsh word with such finality. Might a TH12 be at the bottom of their priority list, and incomprehensibly unlikely to come before the third decade of the century [2020-2029]? Maybe, but saying it will "Never" come is not only a very bold statement, but also very foolish, unless that thing is something obvious. For example, saying that Supercell will "Never" add a middle-finger emote to Clash Royale is reasonable, and makes sense. But, something as core and reasonable as a new town hall level? Really? "It will NEVER be added". Sure, I agree that they will put more focus on content for th11, and I agree that they should. Infact, I think that it would be very foolish of Supercell to not wait until ATLEAST the winter of 2018/2019, before dropping the town hall 12 bomb. The game simply isn't ready for such a shift, yet. However, saying that a townhall 12 won't EVER come is stupid. Now, saying a town hall 22 won't ever come? Unless the game survives until 2055, I see what you're saying. But, saying that any town hall level from 12 and 13 won't EVER come, is utterly ignorant, and even saying there will never be town halls 14 and 15 is a dubious claim. Same things goes for Builder Halls 9-12. Now, I understand that you're merely speculating, and that's okay. But, next time, try being more careful about what you say. Don't just blatantly jump to conclusions, without anything to back it up. Is there proof that Supercell won't be releasing th12, anytime soon? Yes. But, any proof that it will NEVER come? Nope. Unless Supercell outright denies it, then I wouldn't be so sure. Even then, they have added plenty of "Outruled features" into their games! Three examples for COC would be: 1. A third hero. 2. A second base. 3. A Gem Mine. Well, guess what? They now have the Grand Warden, Builder Base, and Gem Mine. Ironically, that Gem Mine is inside of the Builder Base, aka an outruled feature being part of another outruled feature. Two examples for Royale? 1. 2v2 battles. 2. Emote Mute feature. So, even if Supercell "outrules" something, they shouldn't be completely trusted. That's just my opinion. Feel free to reply to me, if you have any arguments, or generally would like to say something.

  8. no problem i am in th8 lol when i reach th11 then supercell add this th12

  9. I think th 12 will happen but there's so much left to do with th 11 yet

    2.SUB TO ME

  11. Th12 is definitely coming soon ✌✌✌

  12. bring back the blue walls

  13. Maybe they're keeping it as a surprise ! 🙂

  14. Darian is always lieing he is tricking you to believe th12 wasn't coming and when it is released,5 million ppl will be back to COC

  15. I just saw a ad and it was a Trailer for a game and it had the same town hall1 and coins/elixir ?

  16. https://youtu.be/piPrxTzDfRo

  17. What

  18. How about apple style? Forget th12 and direct th13 which looks ugly

  19. We don't need th 12 ever ??

  20. Fake denial confirmed th12 came this year and u said not coming so fake news

  21. i think it's a little sad/uppsetting that there will never be a th12 may never come but i love that there is going to be something for all townhall levels

  22. I think adding a gear up option for the Town Hall is a great idea, but I feel I shouldn't be anything to serious, like an archer on top of the tower you get when you reach TH7.

  23. Ight imma uninstall clash of clans

  24. hMmmMmmm…

  25. One of my favorite coc youtuber♥️?