TH7 in Titan League | above 4400 cups | Quantum´s 8.9 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Please give me any account at least th9 I want to make a video so please help me please please help ur real great fan please????plz understand my problem plzzplzz help me plzz help ur fan plz

  2. U got a new fan and sub but please help me please

  3. U got a new fan and sub

  4. Was empfiehlst du als th9 ? also welche Truppen und Spells Kombination? weil man kann ja jetzt auch 2 la zappen Antwort wäre cool ?

  5. clan is bloodnsteel name goldenbullet9

  6. IF u WANT u could SEE MY BASE

  7. could I join your clan Am a th9

  8. there still th outside after the big update ???

  9. Haha, and everyone thought they sniped. Was this after th11 update?

  10. Tobi ich hab schon probleme mit TH9 in Camp 1 zu kommen und du chillst in Titan :D

  11. thanks for this videos, you are amazing!

  12. wild card is fucking amazing ! much respect to him! he taught me so much.

    amazing video as always tobi! I just hit 100 sub's yesterday bro! thanks so much for inspiring me to start yt. 100 sub's isn't much but its amazing to watch your channel grow :D

  13. ?

  14. all x bows inactive

  15. just insane…

  16. nice video bro, can you speak spanish?

  17. Ew quantum

  18. How to push to titan league fast as possible?

  19. Im coming to titans too!!! id love to work with you in the future in quantums! Im HITMAN lv143

  20. Nice video and epic attacks
    Congrats to wildcard!
    His pb is 3 away from the record!