TH8 Best War Base | Town Hall 8 Anti 3 Star (Tested All Combo + Replays Proof) | Clash of Clans

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  1. Finally
    I have been waiting :)

  2. i'm now th11 can come into your clan?

  3. Hey guys come check out my clash of clans YouTube channel, and subscribe if u like my vids :)

  4. can u do a th8 trophy base.pld

  5. hy bro plz make a resource protection base!!

  6. the next will be that could bring more a surgical with hogs ?

  7. like

  8. good

  9. pretty good base

  10. I know you will not read this but can you do a th9 farming base without x bows plz?
    (Sorry for my english if I am wrong)
    Love your channel!

  11. I'm vietnamese guys play Clash of clans and i love jack' s base :3

  12. Oh you have advertise, that mean you have money :))

  13. th9 anti 3star deadzone base plz

  14. Easy 3 star this base using govahog.. But keep work!! ?

  15. Thanks a lot Jack :D

  16. Thanks cool base

  17. Nice base bro! will use it for my second acc when its th8. Im a th9 i have one of your bases. check me out at clan #VRYRG9C Name is Rasheen770

  18. i'll test this imediatly!

  19. Wasn't tested against the strongest th8 attack… BBQ drags

  20. th8

  21. Town Hall came down the right strategy 9 just passed down to Town Hall 9

  22. I'm not rushed Im a 3 star attacker especially with govaho as a th8 I have a 11 more walls until I'm max then I start my th9 upgrade

  23. hi jack you can do a th9 war base anti Golaloon anti valkyrie thx

  24. how do I join ninjas irl

  25. your all base best ?

  26. th9 base please..

  27. th9 base please..

  28. First comment and like, 10 seconds into the video ?