TH8 Farming Base [FREE SHIELD BASE 30%] – New Update – Clash of Clans

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  1. Do u have a TH9 version?

  2. i don't understand why any sane person wouldn't attack from the top to secure the dark elixir easily. this base has poor dark elixir defence

  3. I got a replay to show and it's just 40% and I can't even come to ur clan cause I'm leader and I can't leave the clan. If u would like to join then tell me??

  4. and btw i really like your bases im useing the th8 anti-three star base for my throphy pushing

  5. yea sure, but its 99% 2 star…

  6. i have a replay of this base!

  7. Hi is ur clan recruiting at the moment ? I am max th8 and currently upgrading to th9. Let me know of u need players. 

  8. Can you pls do a farming base for th7?

  9. Im now testing the base 🙂 im nearly th 8 max and right now in crystal 2 so maybe i can come to your clan and share some replays if you want 🙂 The problem is i only get attacked from th 9s

  10. 3:28 +
    the air seeking mines and the skeleton traps :)

  11. +ClashFeed i think u should give up building bases. Th10 players are being compelled to raid th9s and its no 30% its straight 100% destruction. You will get 100% any cost.

  12. i have 3 replays to show u with this base it did work

  13. Can make war base ? i dont want farming base

  14. Can make war base ? i dont want farming base

  15. Ummm…. You'll get destroyed if some one attack from the top

  16. It's xeronn :)

  17. Seeking Air Mine ? Where want to place

  18. +ClashFedd – Clash of Clans | Base Designs
    i have some repays for you
    i there is a web site for clash of clans base designs its not the real clash of clans web site can i share this designs in the web site or no ?
    and if u want me to put your channel link let me know
    ~ there is no seeking air mines and skeleton traps :)


  20. th7