TH8 Mass Hogs & Gowipe Attack Strategy in New Update? ft. Bomb Tower | Clash of Clans

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  1. new comments. great job, ty!

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    Also remember me from the stream?

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  6. hey wicked

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  8. Was really waiting for a video like this! Thanks a lot buddy?

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  10. Hey wicked…u okay??cos ur voice doesnt seem to…

  11. I'm worried that these strategies will become op at Town Hall 8, meaning that 3 phase attacks will die. Idk but I feel like mass hogs is going to be op again. Please prove me wrong supercell! Rest of update looks awesome.

  12. I just got th8 today

  13. damn you fucking supercell for releasing it tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I won't be home to tomorrow to update the FUCKING game bitch

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  15. BK= Burger King?

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  18. Its good to see ya back to coc….hardcore coc fans never. Liked cr really…..

  19. Why does this guy sound so bored,as if he's not much interested in making these videos

  20. awesome tnx for the video!!

  21. when is it coming out?! im tired of waiting!

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  26. Haii nice attacks :)

  27. Nice video.Well attacked with Gowipe.