TH9 GOLALOON / LAVALOON Strategy for LOW HEROES [Clash of Clans]

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  1. why u don't update the game on iTunes or google play store, to get the new A.D. look, cos I think at least 95% of the viewers already did that upgrade, your videos are kinda outdated like that and it's confusing to recognize which A.D. level you are referring to…

  2. Great explanations! So helpful

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  4. What about the case when you have the queen upgrading?

  5. Just failed a golaloon with low heroes so this video should make a diff

  6. it's easy to day than done ash. i'm sicked of trying and trying and tring all of the golaloon, gohowi etc. its always ends me a 1 star or mostly worst to a no star. i hate to admit that i couldnt make it. i can make 2 star that for sure. but i'm not contenin a 2 star only. i want a 3 star but its always failed everytime i tried. damn

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  9. Just as I get lava hounds lol

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  11. very nice tips!

  12. thank you very much ash!!! that helps me a lot! you are the best 🙂 keep making videos about clan wars that helps a lot

  13. Finally air attacks. Refreshing to see this again after all the mass witch and valks attacks.

  14. nice video!

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