TH9 HOG Rider | Stoned GoHo Attack Strategy Guide UPDATE | Clash of Clans War

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  1. Good war. Shame about Hiccup though.

  2. Nice video Cast!! Keep them coming, maybe some of the other creators will get the there clans to not have engineering(TH11 ranked against TH9). Heads up this clan along with almost any other would have been crushed by us!!

  3. New clan any level townhall accpeted unlimited donation back t9 back war recruiting members for war.. A clan for those who dont want to be bossed by high level players pls join #cqljjcgj

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  9. How is it engineered? All th9 troops and th9 defenses on my base. I've been a th10 for 1 month. Easy excuse for the losing team. Trash for making excuses

  10. I just found a reaIly easy trick to get tons of G ems! it's shared here

  11. Amazing Video! Could I bring just 2 golems for a shattered entry?

  12. you realize .5 isn't engineering? because you seem to mix up both, when for example you are a th8 going to th, you don't want to put your x-bows right away, your war weight would go so high that you might have in front of you a th9 with really high defenses, .5 IS logic, engineering IS abusing, but obviously, you must not stay a .5 forever, i mean, that's pretty logic..?

  13. Barbarian party ? clash with cams(youtuber) clan ? nice!

  14. yo man me=new follower of your Chanell keep goin bro

  15. Zguys plZ do check my channel for coc bot

  16. Hahaha i was the n 14 MiilK-ShaKe. Nice war ad wildcats

  17. you realize that’s clash with cam’s clan?

  18. nice vid cast hogs r my favorite to play with when i play Coc

  19. Has supercell made any recent statements about engineered bases?

  20. can the heroes be at 15-20 and still pull through well?

  21. Wow nice!!

  22. do poison spell stack?

  23. Wow the notification came soooo late but nice starg

  24. y does every youtuber gets matched up with barbarian party!

  25. do you want to make some video about witch slap with healers, I Will learn it, but I found it realy dificult……..sorry for my English

  26. Should have put Weed on Rider's eyes instead