TH9 in TITAN 1 | over 4700 Attacks | Quantum´s 8.9 | Clash of Clans

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  1. +Hiep Hoang I would definetely use a normal trophy base 🙂 3800 is the taffest part in the whole game… since 3950 it is easy again ;)) good luck on your push

  2. hey buddy, your attack strategies are awesome !!!
    And by the way, I'm also an Th9 pusher.Currently at 3800. Very bad trophies offer. so many 1 and 2 star atk. What defending base should i use? the th out side / or the defending one? Because when i put my th outside, smt titan players come across and nicely give me a -1 shield. However, every 3 defences there is one th snip from the masters which crazily steals 19 trophies from me. Sooo confusedd.

  3. geile ag's 🙂 bin in quantum's fort kannst mich ja mal besuchen heiß: Noah..;D

  4. moin Tobi, kann man dich irgendwo antreffen?Ts skype? Lg

  5. awesome video tobi and congratulation on breaking 4600 ill meet you there soon!

  6. Ty for showing me this attack

  7. Nice videos man.. I made it to champs 1 on the ground… About to take it to the air!!

  8. i was almost 4700 last day but lost -50 yesterday without gain

  9. Man Titan 1 you're rocking it – keep going mate. First th9 as legend ;)

  10. bueno ataques sigue así broh saludos

  11. Nice bro! Weiter so!

  12. Geile Sache…wie lange zockst du eigentlich so? :D

  13. niceee

  14. Wie viele Sessions machst du am Tag und wann machst du die immer? :)

  15. nice mate I wish I can be an awesome pusher like u

  16. mit was nimmst du auf hat sehr gute Qualität nicht so wie meine >_>

  17. ♥·♥·♥·♥♡·♡·♡d:

  18. Super Video , Freue mich auf weitere :D