TH9 in Titan above 4600 cups | Road to 4700 #3 | Clash of Clans | Live Attack

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  1. I'm a th9 and i want to go to the titan 3(now i'm in the champion 2) what is the best strategy of atack? (I'm don't speak english só good,but i'm from Brazil)PERFECT VIDEO!

  2. Great Video i enjoy all of them, i was wondering if we could do a subscriber war with your subs and my subs :)

  3. Could 2 lvl 5 lightning air def+1 lvl 1 earthquake spell destroy max air def?

  4. Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. I like the daily videos!

  6. Nice bro!

  7. Very Good..

  8. What is the song name: "The nights calling…"?

  9. Reicht lv6blitz+lv1erdbeeben für ne max airdef?

  10. Man…wie kann man sowas…als th 9?RESPEKT

  11. Das erste Lied ist ja mal mega inice 😀 Wie heißt das genau?

  12. Still going at it Tobi! I dropped to farm walls and heroes but I'll be back soon :D

  13. wenn ich deine angriffe sehe sieht es soo leicht aus 😛 viel glück noch

  14. I will tobi ThanaTos is the name

  15. very interessant video

  16. I may do a nightly visit:-) to get dragons and loons.. And watch replays

  17. danke 🙂 Hab vergessen das du deutsch kannst 😀 weil viele hier englisch schreiben ;)

  18. I wanna join your clan but I don't wanna leave my brother behind:-/ I can't push like I want to at night cause no o e to donate drag and loons

  19. Sehr schöne AG's! :D

  20. Top video