TH9 Queen POP LaLoon ANTI AIR | Modify Your Plan | Clash of Clans War

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  1. good one

  2. Can you make a low hero th10 lavaloon??

  3. Great strategy been using it for a long time!

  4. Long live the king of Pop!

  5. I have a base completely impossible to queen pop. How do i show you that base cast.

  6. Who else is way more successful finishing on the queen?

  7. I used this recently and it took out the queen and King. I was surprised at the strength of this spell usage

  8. "are you not entertaining" lol

  9. Lol cast I always try this attack and my clan mate's don't believe this attack can 3stars the th9max because I always fail

  10. I'm trying to queen pop but I'm just so bad

  11. looks good

  12. Great king tank on 2nd attack. While the basics remain the same, there is nuance like using heroes to tank backside that take this already OP attack to one you should 3-star over 80% of the time. Queen Pop translates well to TH10 attacks as well, with some obvious changes to compensate for extra spell and buffed hounds. It's a great foundational air attack that can be modified all the way to TH11.

    Thanks for the continued great content. Keep it coming!

  13. thanks for video CnB. Always a pleasure to watch your videos. learnt new aqpop strat

  14. Hey Blast, I am using this attack from last few weeks. How is it better than the conventional 4 rage n 2 haste spell laloon attack? I'm still learning it but my clanmate forcing me to not use this strategy, as they are using conventional style but I want to tell them that yes this is the best strategy n equal or sometime better than the old conventional laloon attack. Pls help me out. I want to learn it to prove them. Is thr any clan using this attack so that I can be there n learn this. My ID is #20JUVRV80

  15. yesterday I used this strategy and I got 99% on one base and 100% on 2 .

  16. At last some queen pop again ?

  17. I cannot learn this attack and its very frustrating

  18. Hey Cast if you want a video of a queen pop with lvl 1 hounds and 2/5 heroes hitting a full max th9 with 25/25, let me know quick while the replay is still available.

  19. I'm glad you're showing this variation. It's harder with CWL type bases that usually aren't diamond shaped. The 2 hastes and skele spell help fix that problem.

  20. Do u have a feeder clan

  21. hey cast n blast i luv ur lavalon strategy n learning ur lavaloon strategy for few months…it help me much.
    sometimes i take 3 star n smtyms i end up wit only 1 star even though i do every steps i hope to become a pro with ur help..anyway luv u bro???

  22. Can you queen pop with lvl5 lightning

  23. Can you queen pop with lvl5 lightning

  24. thumbs the Godfather of the QueenPop..CnB!!..

  25. I am about to upgrade to th10 would this attack be effective at level 3 lava hound and 4 extra maxed balloons with an extra spell you can use to freeze the inferno towers? Have you tried it out that attack method yet?

  26. Good stuff CnB! ?

  27. awesome


  29. 1st 🙂

  30. 1