TH9 vs. TH11 in TITAN | 2 starring maxed TH10 | Clash of Clans | Quantum´s 8.9

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  1. I'm currently in Champs 1 about 30 trophies from Titans pushing with lavaloonion. Would it be smart to change to drags? These replays seem a lot more solid than mine

  2. In what trophy range did u start using dragons?

  3. I love seeing all these videos Tobi and I wish that you constantly uploaded daily ;( I think my favourite video was the 500 sub special where you showed us your attack sessions. More videos like that would be awesome! Also how about commentary, face reveal and tutorials? :)

  4. I wanna join your clan but you guys accept 4000 and up !! I'm almost max th9! if your interested I'll be in clan name SOLO I'll be by myself!! later✌. name tag : unknown

  5. Why'd you go to th10!?

  6. Super Video! 🙂 Wenn du Lust und Zeit hast, dann kannst du ja auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen 🙂 ich mache nämlich auch CoC Videos 😀 Top Fights im übrigen :)

  7. Top Fights??

  8. tobi I want to see th9 titan push with stupid lvl heroes lol

  9. that's not quantum but north 44 lol

  10. Tobi komm mal bitte zu Quantums Rush :D

  11. Did QW took over North 44 or something because every member from North 44 moved to another clan

  12. Nice video wie immer :)

  13. Sehr schön :D

  14. ?nice

  15. Ich würde es cool finden wenn du angriffe von th 7 in titan zeigst

  16. Awesome Video Gutes Video
    Danke !:)

  17. np??

  18. Super Video ! Bald haste die 2 k ?? mach weiter so :)

  19. Hattest du nicht noch vor ungefähr 2 Wochen 1000 Abos?Weiter so,deine Videos sind der Hammer!

  20. What's a good pushing strategy below Titan? Like the 3300's??