THE BEST! Bases, Strategy, Attacks in Clash of Clans – REVEALED!

  1. "UrInTrouble's 61% two* star"

  2. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Urin Trouble still the best name

  4. Hey Gally when do u think SC will launch BH8 upgrade ? Educated guess pls 🙂

  5. The mismatched wars are still happening. We just got into one where we have 1 th11 and they have 3. Two of them are near max. Is Supercell looking into this at all?

  6. You could of said in the title this video was on BB. I hate BB.

  7. Very interesting attacks I have used it and I am in success thanks Gladon

  8. Ahahah, peter17$ at the end of every video never gets old

  9. Thx galadon to show this video becuse I only told in your live stream to put this video…

  10. I was in that Tournament but I lost in the second Round

  11. I use arc n baby drag It works well

  12. like your videos its funny and educational lol. do u still play godson acc

  13. Gally, didn't you think those bases are beaten by top players only because they are maxed out (+good layout)?

  14. you got another ekilsid!

  15. Happy thanksgiving galadon have a great day whit all you family

  16. Fibonacci base ?? im studing it

  17. hmmm i was thinking and daydreaming about earlier on the normal base … the new tower i was thinking is hypnotower??… the hypnotizes one troop go fights against attacker and the tower hypnotizes another one in another 10 sec??… in level 1??… well its just my idea… i dunno if you guys like it

  18. See quickly I've got two master builders one in builder base and one in main village gearing up archer tower

  19. Hey guys! I will Show you some nice attack tactics?? watch my videos and have fun. Clash on??

  20. lol how is that a fibonacci base? it's just a spiral xD

  21. Sadly almost all of these 'top bases' aren't useful to f2p non-gemmers. This is because we don't have max walls, which need 3 hits from maxed bombers after the big bomb ability, meaning a bombarb or bombarch attack rips them apart leaving basically just the crushers. These bases are only useful if this attack composition isn't viable.

  22. Lafyoo galadon

  23. Great tournament Gally

  24. giants + barbarian + Canon cart+ battle machine

  25. Supercell$tree ?

  26. Clash Royale check