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  1. Hey everyone – Thank you for tuning into another Clash of Clans video! 😀

    Today we're upgrading out BUILDERS BASE and trying out a brand NEW design, to see if it's one of the BEST Builder Bases you can get. ENJOY! <3

  2. I'm on 4523 trophies in builder base

  3. Aly a you should gem your town hall to to max level 8

  4. Everyone like so Ali sees. Ali please lower the clans required trophies

  5. I'm level 539

  6. I'm lvl 37 and I'm one of the best players in clash of clans

  7. Free to play 2600 cups 😀

  8. I'm lvl 137. and I'm one of the best players in clash royale

  9. Upgrade builder base more

  10. you can place troops on the outer edge

  11. How about you don't use gems and play legit?

  12. Ali a can I copy the desighn of the base

  13. If he doesn't listen to the comments next video I'm unsubscribing

  14. 198 is my level

  15. Honestly your not learning anything by using gems ?

  16. I am level 42

  17. Do a maxing out th7 I'm trying to get max out th6

  18. Lmao bh5 with level 1 défenses

  19. Ali place all your giants at once beaucuse thats the best strategy

  20. More clash of clans

  21. I'm level 73

  22. U only need 2-3 archers to take out a cannon or archer tower depending on levels u wasted a few on first builder hall attack.. Also u used a few to many barbs on the outside structures one archer or barb would have killed the ones at the top u might need two but u used 4-5 and finally if u upgrade your baby drags to lv 2 when they r not close to any other air troops they have a rage ability and do like double damage which will really help ur cause haha.. But ur doing great other than that!! Keep up the good work!

  23. I'm lvl 95 on clash of clans TH9

  24. No Ali-a. Just stay on town hall seven for a bit and don't gem anything

  25. damn it, why u have to gem? u should play the game properly without spending like $140 for 14000 gems. and why have people below crystal league in the clan when ur rejecting some higher people??? Im confuesed

  26. 2000trophiea

  27. You suck bro don't gem a lot!
    Idiot and play more clash Royale and DONT Gem

  28. I have that builder base

  29. 0:25 "updating my town hall"

  30. I just take 40 barbs and spread them all over my opponents base. Surprisingly it actually works, I'm builder hall 4 and have 1800 trophies

  31. I've played for like 4 years and you a couple of weeks and I'm level 70 and you are 50 lol


  33. At 6:47 he said basic bi#ch lol

  34. 1206 trs lost 113

  35. You wanted to know options for the next video STOP GEMMING also how comes your not letting people in your clan when your account is way worse than there's read your comments (not hating) I'm lvl 90 and I've never gemmed !

  36. did anyone else hear ali say bi*ch at 6:45

  37. Upgrade your troops on both village ?

  38. One thing when you use balloons try to take out he air missile things because otherwise your balloons will be killed really easy keep up the great vids.

  39. Anyone else wondering how he upgraded to Builder Hall 5 without building everything? Last time I checked you weren't able to rush in night mode

  40. Yo I've attack him before

  41. The cringe is real

  42. Wtf, I have the exact same builders base 4 design.?????