THE BEST LEAGUE FOR LOOT! – Huge Loot Loonion Farming – Let’s Play TH9 Ep.25 – Clash of Clans

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  1. i have been crushing the loot in crystal but I don't think I have seen any 700K/700K unless it was max th11

  2. It's not Book Of Fighting It's Book Of Building!! But I Love Your Channel!!!

  3. rocky..!❤️??

  4. Definitely my go to clash channel. Subbed to many but like your content the most

  5. Who you spam you loon teach me

  6. My heroes are the same levels as yours on my th9. I got my King going to 20 this morning though haha! Its a never ending grind it feels like! ?

  7. Tried to sub you… but I'm already subed :3 Excellent content and format! I'll be stopping in more often!

  8. Every time you say "alright guys" I'm disliking the video

  9. They can go to level 10

  10. The walls can go up twice

  11. Awsm loot bro ????

  12. Book of building clashbashing

  13. The best loot is in kristal league! That's true

  14. I need to get out of masters as a TH9. No loot at all

  15. U should farm gold 1

  16. I hate u

  17. Love you bro

  18. Best League for Th8?

  19. Hey clash keep on working hard love your vids and I hope I could’ve join mad ram?

  20. make th10 push to legend

  21. can i join your clan

  22. I'm in Crystal league since Drcember and I made 125 walls to level 10 in about 50 days!
    But now…I have all the walls maxed out and only the heros to max and they're at level 21 and 16…I'll have to waste a lot of elixir and gold until I'll be all maxed out 🙁

  23. hey rocky , have you seen a TH10 on Legend league +5500 trophies? , what was the highest you have ever seen a TH10 achieved

  24. Can u tell which is good league for farming in th8

  25. I already knew that u have told that earlier too!
    Nice Vid left a ?

  26. Hey clash bashing, after I max my tesla wat shud I upgrade??

  27. I have th10 and I queen at 35 and kingu at 25, and I have a wall of 9-10, at defense I have little and I have max for th10, what do you say to update at th11?

  28. crystal 2-1 is where i farm with th9, its so good

  29. Hii bro I ll send the join req plzzz accept I m tinku in champion league th 9

  30. Loving the videos man keep up the good work

  31. Hey dude I think you are hacking coc how can you carry 3 haste spell one is in the CC you have 3 spell carrying space 2 and you can only carry 2 haste how can you carry 3 haste

  32. Nice

  33. How long in total did it take for you to push to Legends on your th8? I want to when I max but I'm not sure I have the time.

  34. Nice strategy

  35. Why do you have wall breakers in an air raid? Are you MaD?

  36. Best league to farm is crystal

  37. i lost 1m elixir and 1m gold in crystal 1 !! ??

  38. Rocky, it’s mainly the walls u need to farm, do the th9 wall grind series