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  2. It will be dope if you upgrade your Mic. ??? anyway, love your vids.

  3. How you record screnn

  4. Still great play ?????

  5. Dude take 1 jump n 1 freeze for better results

  6. Nic vid bro

  7. Bro to be honest u don't know to use this attack u must send the hogs behind the call not after the balks die

  8. Pls check put my channel and do subscribe me

  9. Bro answer my question please is there anyway u can show me how to get that intro of yours I’m a base designer for my other channel really need help bro

  10. I subbed 😀 GoVaHo I think it's a good army but too much Dark Elixer to waste on that army.

  11. Love the vids! Hopefully you get as near as General Tony or maybe even more!

  12. TheFatRat monody = best song

  13. Lewis how is your day<3 haven't watched in a while??I'm sorry

  14. Are you leader of YouTube General ??

  15. Upload Daily two vids

  16. Lewis thePen try eate with a qween walk .. . l use eate as a th9 and is the best ,, TRY 😀 Tell me 😀

  17. Lewes i want to be in your clan just to ask u some questions then i will leave again

  18. @LewisThePen nice vid

  19. Im your 20th like

  20. You should interest be talking contest you talk so fast

  21. I am th8 and I am 5 out of 10 but I have only attacked 5 times

  22. Awesome video dude love it keep it up always be awesome can't wait to see your next video or stream have a great day

  23. I finished the event I'm th8 plz check out my vids and see my village

  24. If lew read this comment and pins it this prove he read comments:)

  25. Hi

    I want to be first never gonna happen

  26. heeeelllllloooooooo

  27. Aye lew wassup long time no videos nice video tho…. tbh govaho is unpredictable i lose or sometimes win becos valks go wherever they feel -_- lol……..I missed ur intro so much lol