“THE BOWLER” vs TOWN HALL 11!! Clash Of Clans Insane Gameplay! Update 2016!

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  1. please I'm a th7

  2. They have ruined the air defense :(

  3. I did both subscribed and liked hope i win!?

  4. Bowlers look decent from the intro

  5. tony

  6. I hope u get a mil sub's cos ur the best Tonh

  7. thats why u never level up bcz u never way for a upgraded

  8. Tony I think ur vids r so awesome

  9. I love how u post newest things so I don't have to wait. you're a cool guy

  10. U have got to be insane

  11. $100 wow

  12. Wowwww this video is awesome good luck to all that entered in the 100 intunes/android!!! Good luckkk

  13. #competitonGems

  14. Dude how many time did you tell us to sub!?

  15. Love u Tony , u are god (lel) im enjoy when watchin ur vids

  16. bowlers will be VERY interesting in the war clan castle

  17. Subscribed and Liked.

  18. I submit my like so i enter the give away

  19. Hey general Tony I tried to join your clan but someone rejected my request

  20. Now who wants to bowl

  21. Tony's the best

  22. You the best man

  23. thenoisethe786 u idiot y u declining me cuz im better than u

  24. NIce Vid. Already a subscriber

  25. im th9 and tried to join but was rejected by an idiot plzz let me in