The Clan Siege event is here!

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  1. This Event is deeply flawed. League 3 for IOS point system is ridiculously high with low rewards. Imagine having to complete over one hundred quests a day to be competitive, even then, the percentages for low, medium and high hits with sprites is not balanced. A full round of six hits to the tower for medium or high is sometimes a complete miss or you hit once out of six tries. Not worth it for the amount of time spent completing quests vs the low rewards. If it takes a 24 hour period for a top clan to take down a gem tower and at the end of that milestone, you get a whopping 5 gem reward? if you want to speed any sprites, it costs 5 gems per sprite… some people spend hundreds of dollars a month on this game, gameloft this event as well as the changes to dragon's delight are extremely unbalanced and make you guys look like a very greedy company.

  2. why dont you add an option to get friends easier if u are up level 15 and you dont have a facebook account?Like being able to send friend requests to players near by?

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  4. Thanks András, for posting this video. We don't often get explanations like this, so it's really appreciated. Regarding the new siege event though, i'm not convinced yet. I hate having a new timer and also that after all this effort, half my shots fail. That's quite frustrating.

  5. Não gostei da invasão de um dragao de um clã rival na minha "aldeia de dragões". Odiei

  6. Why do I have to wait so long for a opponent? I have full bars

  7. The damage points is utterly crazy. And the days of the event is only 4 days? Jeez.

  8. I need to join a clan. Can someone reply the name?

  9. Brothers who play long games know how to produce agave, elemental with the highest rate. ths

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  14. Wow! This event is amazing??