The Death of a TH10 Episode #3

Another series of attacks on a TH10 base that ultimately lead to the 3 star. Hope you guys enjoy and learn something from the attacks. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. I watch these videos talk to my clan and then the war ends before we are ready to try lol

  2. This was just bananas.

  3. Megan is such a beast, dayyyyyyuuuuummm…

  4. Thanks for this video. I learned a lot

  5. megan is love

  6. niceeeeee attacks guys!!

  7. I still can not look at that thumbnail thinking someone died lmao

  8. Love this series…thanks for sharing!

  9. Megan mo money is a beast. Is there anything she can't do?

  10. Great video Jake!

  11. saw that attack on Megan's utube acc a few days ago, had no idea she had that many scouts attacks infront of her.

  12. Thx Jake it's one of my favourite series , great job ?

  13. Nice video Jake this th9 scouting for information is cool ima tell my clan about it hopefully we can try it out thanks ??

  14. Mega more money is a cheater she used the mod to three star so easy (skip to the end)

  15. No VG video

  16. This might be my favorite video you've ever uploaded. Really enlightening stuff man, really cool to see the progression from fresh hit to knowing exactly how to take it apart. She absolutely stomped it too lol. #OneHive4Congress

  17. I loved it. It was amazing how you guys could just break down a base with one attack after the other, finally getting that 3 star. Keep up with this, it's great!

  18. Man now i know so next time I will tell my clan mates to check the th9 dgb placement then go in with hogs and boom 3 star

  19. My clan just beat INSANIAM a couple wars back

  20. AWESOME!

  21. th10 is the new th9 war

  22. I love megan xD,marry me ;)

  23. Mo money in genesis? How come?

  24. love the series

  25. thanks nice video

  26. omg!!

  27. I am just saying, I don't think that 1 or 2 changes will balance th10. U guys had to use 3 th9 and 2 th10 attack to take a th10 down. If it is going to be balanced then they need to make a huge chamge to th10 not a few tweeks

  28. Amazing series, amazing video. Please keep these coming Jake!!

  29. elite don't do mods, they do these kind of stuff XD .. if you mod, you kill the fun.. GL to moders, have fun XD

  30. Very beautiful attack. I like this series a lot, keep up the good work jake

  31. AMAZING video Jake ! there we can see the work there is behind a 3* in arranged wars ! thank you :)

  32. That was like the most amazing clash video i have ever seen! Breaking down a base bit by bit. So much of planning by so many people going on. Saving so many attacks even after being Fair-Play is just crazy! Modders do it with so much ease. That Got my respect. Keep It UP guys!

  33. we did this exact thing on our war against onehive invicta and got 2 th10 3'd and got accused of modding lmao.

  34. Now chesebr3 made a major derp. He drops his hog where his wallbreakers are supposed to go with obvious splash damage in place. Man, I personally suck at CoC but even I saw that coming. Drop your hog a little bit to the right and the splash damage would've went to the hog only, the wallbreakers had no trouble.