The FINALS! Clash of Clans FORUM CUP! Builder Hall Tournament – VIEWER PRIZES!

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  5. Plz make a Video On getting gems in coc

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  9. Galadon ask Supercell to do a 4-7 bh tourney at Christmas time while everyone is off school

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  10. Battle of gemmers!

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  13. When is supercell going to fix the algorithm so us builder hall 6 stop matching up against builder hall 7? I match more 7’s than 6’s or 5’s.

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  16. hi Galadon how can i send my clip to u a little bug may u want to watch

  17. Hey galadon I m a th8 player and bh5 I Don't know how to Max each of it I just have 3 builders coz firstly I didn't know that gems are important so I kinda wasted it so plz tell me what should I do

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