The Making of ClashCon

  1. Eminem not found

  2. Look like how many builders they used and we have just five!!!!

    Great event


  4. ?

  5. eai BR se inscreva no meu canal ai por favor quem puder deixar um like tabem agradeço

  6. cool!

  7. amazing

  8. unirse a mi clan código de COC #9YV8UGP2

  9. fuk game

  10. dit is nederlands btw diiiittt is geweldig

  11. ไทย!

  12. S2

  13. Supercell is fked if they dont do this update right

  14. so who end up winning ??

  15. RU-

  16. Come 2 Holland Plzzzzz

  17. appreciate the team effort

  18. SC, please please let us use heroes in war while upgrading. I will love you forever if you do that. FOREVER SC! FOREVERRR!!!! Don't you want my love?

  19. They should of named it how to set up your max th10 base for a defense

  20. anyone selling their base? i wanna buy a good one