The PERFECT Base Design (100% Success Rate)

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  1. I’m cracking up at all the comments – make sure you take a close look at
    the base for the first 5 seconds…

  2. my question is why dont they drop pekkas with golems to win or big troops
    like that

  3. Freeze spell = Finished.

  4. hahaha who will succeed with that kind of troops… :P

  5. Who’s willing to bet that base got 3 stared on the 2nd defence?

  6. I should try this out! Once.. ya know.. I get as good as Drew…

  7. Lol Ben Franklin is my homie

  8. stupid guy, go for the storage

  9. I❤️

  10. I would have just stopped attacking

  11. Just one noob attacking uour base and lose doesn,t mean….

  12. lol


  14. Love how this has more views than the skydiving video ???

  15. Is it bad if I laughed at this guy’s attack?

  16. Wtf i can destroy that th its just that guy was rushed or something

  17. Didn’t anyone notice the base was a piece of shit.

  18. LOL that guy ADAM BAUDOIN sure has a lot of free time seriously making over
    80 fake accounts… does he think we are dumb like 20 of the comments are
    NICE SHARE -.- nigguh no one says that lol

  19. base from his troops that guy is th7, so there’s no way he could have
    freeze spell -_-

  20. Pfffffttt

  21. i think this base is preety good

  22. 1 freeze spell and 240 max archers 

  23. join my new clan:#Dalers fire…we donate lvl 5 wiz and archer..all trophie
    levels accepted..we are lojal

  24. I could probably do some damage I’m th8 level 82 basically 83 I have lvl 7
    barb king and all my troops are maxed except dark elixir troops