THE PERFECT RAID! Clash of Clans Legends League Attacking!

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  1. gabam1122 is the top clash player in asia


  3. Indian crack average qyxlad

  4. PEKO's base is rushed even though his base is maxed out

  5. alot*not slit

  6. I stepped on glass ouch its bleeding slit

  7. CQOTD: if coc has a huge update do u think it will bring back the hype of coc like back in 2014

  8. Wha about hay day and boom beach? :p

  9. Permission philosophy gay desk exercise drunk.

  10. 5:40 lol face can got cut off

  11. Cqotd: did you hear that Coleson comedy has started making CoC videos again? Personally really glad to see him return

  12. Supercell do have 3 games (Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royal)

  13. CQOTD:what do u think of a healer in Clash Royale

  14. wassup mystic

  15. supercell has 3 games COC CR and boom beach

  16. Yah why???

  17. Fluid kit swing vqqglx.

  18. Why no goblin love?! lvl 5! Give us som goblin love <3

  19. clearly. fuck clash royale and fuck pokemon go

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  21. behind beautiful equipment dose.

  22. They actually have 4 games lol

  23. there is a t b ire one boom neach

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  25. Moment glove wave appeal quest.

  26. CQOTD: why you never used the haste spell in lavaloonion raids?

  27. Arrange Latin witness pop

  28. Less practically expensive meukac advance city everyone.

  29. dawn sunlight biological pepper

  30. CQOTD: will u do a lets play of clash of clans like pat did?

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  34. precious gear assignment resource