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THE SKELETON SPELL! – Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE Spell Coming!

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  1. IB done with finals, bout a week ago week ago!!!!!

  2. I'm glad they are making a new update cuz I stopped playing COC but now I'm playing it even more!

  3. When is the update coming

  4. skeletons don't trip bombs so that sucks skeleton want trip dgb

  5. I got finals in two weeks! But im ready for all 6 lets get it! ?

  6. CQOTD: What are your plans for your channel and your life when you move to L.A.

  7. Ha cristal leag but masters

  8. This new update is going to revive hog raids. Pretty excited for this update

  9. CQOTD: Why don't you play Boom Beach?

  10. Skeletons don't trigger traps

  11. I think this will be great for taking out ground CC troops

  12. best update

  13. Lol finals the struggle is real im a junior in high school

  14. Yo Mystic7 big fan I think that they shud make it where u can ur troop composition on que like 5 different ones that way u don't have to waste time doin math and choosin troops

  15. CCOTD: Explain your first time having sex

  16. Is it me or did supercell juat copy the skeleton army from clash royale and just made it a spell?

  17. I feel u bro but I built up a good enough grade to just bomb the finals and be ok but damn these finals

  18. Epic spell

  19. What's up

  20. CQQTD: When the skeletons are used, will they attack GROUND or AIR?

  21. it's cool and can u subscribe to mrstealyoloot YouTube plzz

  22. I'm still a freshman so it's not that bad for me

  23. My clan is level 9

  24. CQOTD: how would u feel if sparky was able to be a trainable troop in clash of clans

  25. Wite I know the struggle of being a ssenior with finals.

  26. My finals are next week!

  27. I got final next week

  28. final on Monday and Tuesday last day Tuesday leave at 1:50

  29. CQOTD: What game have you always wanted to play on your channel but you haven't yet?

  30. people still play this?

  31. CQOTD: do u think they should add heal spell to clash Royale if so y or y not

  32. It won't activate traps (;

  33. Rip grades

  34. Not ready been pushing to legends to hard lol

  35. Now that you have 1 million subscribers, you Said in a video around 600K that when you hit 1mil subs you would tell us where "HWD" stands for?

  36. You have a hover board!!????

  37. CQOTD:CAN u use ur HOVERBOARD in the background

  38. my god finals suck I took my first finals ever today and it was easy but no school I'm happy to get out of hell


  40. When does the update come out?