This Base has NEVER LOST! UNDEFEATED Clash of Clans Strategy | CoC |

  1. I beat a base like this it's a easy 70%+ depending on your army ?×

  2. thanks bro???

  3. Damn u successfully defended against uotaki, he was on the top ranks of the builder base trophy last few seasons

  4. Where is your spring trap?because i copied your base

  5. Worse vedio ever

  6. not so great base. getting at least 60% every time

  7. I swear that its the easy one attack all barbarian u will win I always win again it

  8. I can beat this base eassy

  9. nice base . did someone try with all baby dragons

  10. You're the best

  11. Cartch ez high 2 star 71% I don't pay to win

  12. Plz post me a image of u r base

  13. This base sucks you said thay can’t get a single star

  14. That whisper "pay to win"

  15. Bro ek player ne max night witch aur lvl10 ke battle machine se 3 star le aaya

  16. Hey you! I 3 starred it!

  17. You are bad have a look at the 3 strangest base its not glitches

  18. Wasted my 30 minutes in copying this base

  19. Worst base. Copied this base and enemy scored 3 stars and 90 percents without struggle

  20. youe base in the night was your base!

  21. Thats a pretty sick base, does flow have any new bases? Id love to see em… im trying to figure out how to base build?

  22. I could 3 star this base with my eyes closed

  23. Where are the bombs and traps most effective. Duhhhhh

  24. this base is not even his base its Itzu s base he just copied it

  25. Bc base tho dikhya hi nhi lodu

  26. hay galadon… don't you think you are too old for playing clash ?

  27. This base is used by the current no 1 in the world

  28. Baddest video u didn't even show us where to put traps worse video ever

  29. make a video on it how you Made otherwise I will dislike your video

  30. I've smashed it, 2star 70%. Ain't that hard if you hit it top left with giarwb

  31. Lol i threestarred it by using bomber archers and barbarians…

  32. Now this base ain't working. High % 2 star often & 3 star thrice.

  33. can you please show the actual base? i mean yea you show it getting attacked but show the base with all the traps and such

  34. Asemon

  35. I have made my own base and out of ten I have lost only two times

  36. This base gets 3 starred easily by mass night witch or night witch and one camp of giants

  37. show the making of this base

  38. All bases suck

  39. Tried this Base for Like 5 Fights got 3 Times 2 starred and 2 Times 3 starred (i have all my Archer Towers at 7 and my cannons at 7 and the rest fully maxed def)

  40. How to make this base please make vdo galadon

  41. i can destroy this base to 100 percent easily…….very bad base…………….a bh 2 can destroy this base

  42. I could 3 star that base easy with my th 11 lol.

  43. Provide a Screenshot of your base , So that players can copy the base

  44. Nice base, I think Night witches could defeat this base if they're deployed from the corner in the top.

  45. Make some clash royale videos

  46. i used this base and lost

  47. The bass is bad against witches i got 3 stared i found the best place is in the middle

  48. its so easy to 3 star using gaints and witches…