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  1. archers

  2. general Tony can u

  3. the rage spell

  4. I don't need gift cards, I want to join your clan bro!

  5. tony u open dragon and upgrade it to Level2

  6. spells

  7. healers

  8. rage speel update

  9. minion

  10. Great Video!

  11. acher

  12. wall breakers

  13. i book marked your clan waiting for it to open

  14. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    yo! everyone has been doing the trick for G e ms shared online here
    => https://twitter.com/flakesbrenda1/status/853802887100547072

  15. This guy just gems man plz stop relate to ur sub and play like a normal person

  16. healers

  17. to y when u upgrade your th7 to th8 plz make it a 7.5 like for tony can see

  18. You are a freaking gemmer. Klaus Gaming is million times better than you. #Gemmer

  19. lol, I have a lev 4 barbarian king without rushing but eh, he is a YouTuber which means you have to be quick and snappy!

  20. I can't redeem th gift cards because I'm not in the U.S

  21. Yo guys! i got a new trick that can earn infinite G E MS! here ➡️️ zi.ma/tm8dm5?cr

  22. I subbed

  23. Push as a th7!!!

  24. During the video, was the gift card legitimate?

  25. I'm th7 and continuing (might restart from buggy phone) and started 6 months ago….. you started about 1 month and your more ahead than I am…. how do you do it?XD

  26. Hey Tony is your TH7 base good? Can I use it?

  27. Troop

  28. I will upgrade rage spell