Tips to Get BETTER CLAN WAR MATCHES in Clash of Clans [MY TAKE]

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  1. Matchmaking will always be broken. My clan was on a 9 win streak and we had no chance to win and now we matched with a clan that's rush. Clan: UK warriors mk1

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    Solid info Ash

  3. My clan has won 9 wars in a row making us undefeated in war! But we just started war with a clan that has more and better th8s mostly likely this will be our fist loss

  4. Nice video ash! Thumbs up from me :)

  5. My clan has been having much more even matches since the update

  6. nice bro

  7. our clan match ups suck always pkaying agaibst maxed th11 players with maxed heroes it sucjs so we quit doing wars

  8. 716?

  9. These are some helpful tips Ash! :D

  10. Unfortunately our no.1 on this war is TH8 and the opponent no.1 is TH9 so we can't get more than 2 stars from him and we gana loss this war after 24 victory

  11. Thanks Ash! Very interesting, keep it up!

  12. we just finished a war with 4 th9s vs our 3 th9s… but we had 2 max th11 and that's all they had… This is our 3rd big missmatch since the update… fortunately, 2 were in our favor.

  13. Our clan war matches have been incredibly crappy since the update. We are getting matches with clans that are significantly higher.

  14. u were so close in the tournament

  15. Feels great to be on the other side of the fence! It's strange not playing from such a huge disadvantage but I'm loving it!

  16. love war sooooooo much !!!!!

  17. hey ash.. we had 16 war win streak in my clan

  18. ☺☺

  19. I'm currently in a war against a clan whose lowest is a th9 with max defenses and 20/22 heroes. Our lowest isn't even a max th8…

  20. Love you the vids dude

  21. Interesting…

  22. Road to 50k subs! Every subscriber counts in my book :D