TOO EASY? Clash of Clans 2018 Updates – What’s the FUTURE?

  1. God Bless Galadon! Clash Of Clans Will Stick With our family forever!

  2. i was only th6/7 when coc was good. I love the 69% meme. That will forever be a part of my CoC. I miss the old Norsk. They need a better tutorial

  3. It’s actually the opposite and the game is so hard to max out that people are drawn away from it, not that it’s too easy

  4. Too easy lol yeah because I see everyone getting 3 stars every time.. I don't get why everyone is complaining honestly I remember when all attacks were underpowered and people complained the defence was too strong. Now clash is finally making things interesting in my opinion it was always about getting 3 stars anything less is a fail and 3 stars is still not "too easy" so good work supercell.

  5. 49% haha?????

  6. Get rid of the guard shield. That’ll stop clouding.

  7. Hey I am your biggest fan Galadon!!

  8. Coc Is Broken, Supercell Do a Tournaments Only For Youtuber, Not For All Player. .
    Do You See How Moba Realize Tourney?
    All Player In The Universe Can Participate.
    I Hate That, Wasted My Time If Am watching Those Youtubers In the War, Coz I already Know Their Gameplay.

  9. I love the Builder Base!

  10. 1st and hopefully last time I give you thumbs down

  11. It's not too easy you're not hitting bases of your lvl. It's gotten to hard for normal not new players. You youtubers need to stop whining and play the game or don't play! They're making the game fun to play. Rant done… peace out

  12. Kids these days don’t remember the importance to save two archers for the end of the raid.

  13. I do love the builder base, and i do love your videos.

  14. I'm telling you guys NIGHT BASE CLAN WARS would be amazing!

  15. Lol I just started playing after only playing Royale since it's launch. My main village is th5 but I still prefer the 1v1 aspect of the builder base. Still fun tho

  16. A max TH 10 is hard to 3 star by another TH 10

  17. I've been playing for 4 years, and I completely agree. Builder hall has been a thrill, and even as a non emmer I have hit top 200 in the US. You can't get high in trophy count like that in the home village anymore sadly. Free to play is much better and enjoyable in the builder hall

  18. Builder Hall Clan Wars?

  19. I have to problem with c.o.c . Only with the walls . To expensive . it get boring

  20. Yeah now the builder base is messed up people with lvl 3 to lvl4 walls and having bh6 def and they at the top of the leaderboard well it just tells ya that the builder base is unbalanced I mean what's the point of upgrading walls and def if you can have bh6 def and crappy walls at bh7 and be at the top of leaderboard thats bullcrap, oh and clan wars well it need major work still yet

  21. big fan spiderman ?? oops wrong page??

  22. I'm not a new player either I have been play for almost 4 and half years and it's about time the inferno towers and xbows were nerfed, but the miners housing space is a joke they are unusable now with that nerf to the miners

  23. Omg shut up the game is not broken it's about time that the game is halfway fun to play again I will say this the builder base is unbalanced or rigged, but the home base you all need to just shut your mouth bunch of cry babies ! The home village is not broken but the troops AI and their pathing and targeting are very questionable at best, I'm a player that on all the time and I mean all the Tim unless I'm booted for personal shield. But anyways the bottom line is the ho,e village is not Easy and it's not Broken

  24. Hey man, 2 things: 1. I think the balance has been spot on, I have a level 5 clan and is helping a lot the December update, even tho I am a pro player, some of my mates aren't. 2. However, there is something missing at top level which has to be addressed, maybe not the infernos, but something else. And btw the clan games aren't easy. It takes a lot of work to achieve 2,500 points for each member. I rather think the games are spot on. Thanks for being such a nice youtuber and provides us with such awesome content

  25. %100 agree with you galadon
    Supercell fucked up the game

  26. I'm loving the update but still hate bb

  27. Whats the song he uses

  28. yeah clan games they have made it too easy… also those who complete only one task in clan are getting same amount of reward…as those who played more..