TOP 3 Best Builder Hall 4 Base / BH4 Builder Base + Defense Replay / Base Layout | Clash of Clans

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  1. 3rd base is not well secured from back

  2. tittle song please

  3. moin warum hast du mein Hintergrundsbild wo ich den Backflip mach ?

  4. hey tumne mere poster kyu copy kiya tha mene screen short le liya he

  5. Great bases. However, some of the shittiest lyrics I've ever heard on any song ever.

  6. quick tip. for those who dont know. army camps has the lowest health amongst the buildings. an archer alone can take them out with their cloak ability before they die.

  7. 1 base the best

  8. once u have attacked me u have lost because that base is my own base for th3 lol?

  9. cool bases & song dude

  10. 3:25 song name pls!

  11. first base works like a charm

  12. I don't think the 1st Base is that good for bh4. you can use 1 bomber and mass barbs and it's gg. I always get 2 stars or more on that kind of bases. and air bombs to exposed they should be more in the middle. From a former 162 player in the world

  13. mano você robou meu banner ??

  14. thx very much but how to break these base because many people use this same base or a similar base it will be very thankful

  15. Hey which is best according to you

  16. I loved a lo these bases bug i think air bombs are too exposed 🙂

  17. Air bombs are too exposed in all 3 bases. I've found that once you get to 2400+ trophies, people start attacking with baby dragons

  18. Yasss

  19. There is no point in sharing replays of BH4 bases getting attacked by ppl with only 3 army camps… For your BH4 bases please share attacks on them using 4 camps so we realistically know how they will perform

  20. which one is your favourite, finite loop gamer? 1, 2 or 3?