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  1. Which one do you think the best among these 3 bases????

  2. Bro this first base is very good for this I got 1000 gems

  3. 3rd base is best base brother thanks

  4. Süper

  5. which song ia this?

  6. Really nice

  7. Abbe base banana aata bhi hai

  8. the last base u made its the best very good job they always make 64% 1 star or 2 star 56%

  9. More defeats than wins

  10. I’ve tried two of these bases and they are crap

  11. First isn't good…I get 4 times 3star against it
    Second and third are very strong
    The 3stars were with Super Pekka…my is level 15

  12. First base is hard

  13. 2nd base looks hard base

  14. you always have those "im so good"player commenting how they 3 starred a base lmao

  15. i used the first. im around 3.8k trophies. got 2 starred 83%. first one sucks

  16. I love your content and I think the 3rd base is the Best. Go on!?

  17. Hey set ur clan to invite only my coc name is Abdulmunim 1276 plz accept me I have good war troops

  18. All the base sucks for me because I'M at 4.7 k trophies I always get three starred

  19. Every videos show the replays that got victory, not showing their all defense logs and all attacks to reveal the reality…. Because when we keep and layout any undefeated bases…. We get defeats more than the victories….
    If u dont agree…. Take all screenshots of all the defense logs and view it!!!

  20. Seriously guys which one is the best? They all look good. I am having problem with bombbarb now.

  21. I quit builder hall bcs I’m bh 7 and want to max it first but am constantly getting bh 8 and they r 3 starring me every time

  22. I’ll join ur clan next month because I can’t leave in co leader there and the leader is dumb so I want to help there r ppl that cuss so I have to report them and kick so yeah

  23. i have already 80%-100% all three base with bombbarcart

  24. Can I join ur clan and tell me is ur clan good in clan games?

  25. 배치 잘만드시네요

  26. Make main base bases

  27. I’m quitting builder hall

  28. Supratim plzz accept my friend request plzzz # Py99G9ou9 plzz

  29. classicic clasher ….. 3rd base is best ??

  30. Suggested song: Dread Pitt-Pyro

  31. Amazing bases

  32. Bro Koy Account Giveway Bhi Start Kro

  33. Second Is The Best

  34. Thanks bro Tumne sayad mene kha tha iske liye video bna ya

  35. Most of them didn’t have maxed troops

  36. Aun no soy bh8 pero igual veo tus videos jajjaa, buen video

  37. Nice

  38. 9 مشاهدة