Top 3 MAJOR Base Design Flaws in Clash of Clans! | CoC |

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  6. Can you do a video on defending against minion/balloon attacks. Literally 90 percent of attacks on my base are minion/loon.

  7. I Am BH 5 I Don't Have Enough Walls To Protect Everything


  9. Stupid question: WHEN r u allowed to acquire Pekka in builder hall 8?

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  11. The third flaw isn't a major flaw

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  17. Awesome vid. Went and changed my base right away.

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  22. Original bases don't work and it don't matter what you do if it's not your turn to win you won't win they system is rigged the system determines who wins and loses and that's the truth it's been tested , and also a scan has also been done on their system and theres a lot thats wrong and when I say wrong I'm talking about manipulation of troops if you watch close enough and I mean actually take the time to watch everything you'll see what is going on , theses youtubers are liars guys your troops will not do like there's it's also been tested to lie so much and supercell knows they do to all they do is false advertisement

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  30. so you know what's the next update

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  32. Hey I have a ? What is the total cost of lvl 1 to lvl 12 wall ?

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  35. Great video as always!!! Love ya vids Galadon

  36. Your older videos are amazing than all the builder hall related videos.

  37. I have the worst base and I follow every single rule. PLZ help

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  42. My base was getting hit for 100% on air attacks. Just moved around my air bombs and firecrackers. Suddenly rising in trophies.

  43. Robbed again by coc 4x war loot bonus, event was pointless robbed coz ccs don't max it lol ?

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