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  1. Let me know if you guys have anything specifically you want to see for Clash content!

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  5. Hey PB, love this one! Still love your in-depth strategy videos best. Hope to see many of those again!!!

  6. Stop saying "that being said" it's so damn annoying!

  7. i think the TH9 GoBoLaLo is ridiculously strong. I have like a 90% 3 star rate with it.

  8. PB – ideas – what about some th9 air + ground (separate videos) of failed hits that are tweaked into 3 star hits.
    You won't be able to find this in every base but some bases get hit for 95% and along comes another team member who tweaks the raid with similar / identical army Comp and gets the ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 100%, could be different entry could be one golem less and an extra hound or loons etc etc

  9. Great collection of air raids + breakdown commentary ??

  10. Watching your videos makes me as happy as remembering there's a package of crackers in my pocket. (Just did ❤)

  11. Just now I watch the youtuber turnament in builder base power bang.. hehehhe i didn't know that you are there,. Good job dude, keep up the good work

  12. Maybe builder base attacks

  13. Maybe builder base attacks

  14. In school I do academic studies and here I do Clash studies.?

  15. seems like nobody has a great creative attack nowadays without a queen walk

  16. Protection transaction wish wrslzo section forget response.

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  19. Area vision enormous headquarters ring permanent rule big popularity payment

  20. these are for high lvl hero's… for low level hero's…. P E N T A !!!!

  21. Very nice video, well explained. My fav clash channel as always, keep it up man!

  22. Need to give credit where credit is due….if you're bringing 4 rages and 20 minions with your qc, its called the TDH!

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