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  1. Man it's hot outside… what attacks are you TH9s relying on most?

  2. Thanks for sharing big boss! I'm married to air, and it takes me a while to get back into ground. These will help big time.

  3. ITS PB!

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  6. is this type of attack still viable with lower level heroes? i got level 16 BK and AQ. thanks!

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  8. thank you PB & 3PL… nowadays i am using the exact composition of stoned HoBo…and i'm getting 6 packs ty man…!?

  9. this list is dumb. if grundinator is 3 then witch slap should be 1. it's the most op th9 raid there has ever been. even wrecks "anti-witch slap" bases

  10. My heroes are 23bk 25aq when should i go to th10?

  11. Sing me to sleep is the song's name in the end, thank me later

  12. so good content. amazing. Thank you PB =)

  13. testar

  14. Very useful video ?????

  15. Should I upgrade valkyries to level three or golems to level four?

  16. Ayyy glad to be reppin' the shattered GoHo

  17. No sound is audible in this video for me.
    Does anybody else have the same issue?

  18. great video. hope to see top 3 th 10 attacks too

  19. do these kind of videos for th10v10

  20. Guys the only YouTuber who looks for suggestions of viewers and makes video on that is powerbang! I love you buddy.. I want him to go million and millions of subs… Supercell don't reward him cash for doing those cwls and other kind of tournaments.. Good luck pb, I don't want to call you pb no more.. But I am gonna call you brother! ?

  21. I Think you should have added witchslap instead of #3 as its super powerfull (eventhough its boring af)

    I often use mass hogs or cc goho its also pretty effective

    Great Video pb ?

  22. Are level 4 hogs fine?

  23. bro do th10 top3 ground and air attacks

  24. 3PL is Beast..Give him my Regards..

  25. Can these attacks work with Queen and King at level 16 . Noticed the attacks the heros are at maxed levels .

  26. You should have joked that number 1 is gowipe. Haha

  27. Now waiting for th10 and Th11. Also would like to see best th10 and Th11 dip strategy.

  28. funny u post a video against DLZ, we're in a war against DLY

  29. Do top 3 th9 war bases

  30. I don't think that third strategy works on most th9 bases, first and second are pretty good but I usually use GoVaHo on every th9 bases and in 99% works ( 2 golems 8 valks 10 wizard 3 wb and rest hogs including hogs in cc, 1 jump and 3 heals)

  31. Great format

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  37. Can we do stoned gohobo with mid lvl heroes